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About Blakeslee Pellet Depot

Blakeslee Pellet Depot has been delivering Wood Pellet Fuel in the Connecticut area for over 38 years, established in 1983.

What if there was a fuel capable of heating millions of homes, businesses and schools in the United States, Canada and elsewhere? What if that fuel was already here in North America… not half a world away? What if it was renewable, economical and sustainable and what if we had the know-how to make it work? Pellet fuel burns much cleaner and saves the environment by getting away from fossil fuels. What if the use of this fuel was as much a boon to regional economies as it was to the environment? How much would you be willing to pay for this amazing fuel? Well, what if we told you that you wouldn’t have to pay more for it than you would for oil, coal, propane or natural gas? This miracle fuel is wood pellets.

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Remember... The first thing you should do when you encounter a problem with your pellet burning appliance is to review the instructional video and/or manual supplied with your stove. If you cannot resolve the problem, then contact your retailer for additional instructions. To ensure optimum performance from your pellet stove perform the following maintenance procedures regularly. (Your stove may or may not be equipped with the items listed below.) 

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Delivery in Connecticut ONLY starting at 1 Ton of Pellets.

Depending on your location in Connecticut, we charge between $65 and $85 to deliver the first ton and $20 per additional ton on same delivery. Outside of CT, please call us for delivery price.