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Leigh Coal

Discount Price: $489.00
Regular Price: $499.00

Lehigh Anthracite produces anthracite coal of the highest quality.

The coal is mined from the Mammoth, Forty-Foot, Primrose and Orchard seams on the approximately 8,000 acre Lehigh Anthracite mine—the largest surface mining permit in Pennsylvania.

Tested, washed, and processed on-site, our freshly mined anthracite coal can be rapidly transported via truck or rail utilizing our rail loadout facility (which connects to the Reading & Northern Railroad) to nearby ports to virtually anywhere in the world.

Our on-site testing lab means we can continuously test the coal you order, ensuring the size and quality remain consistent..


Lehigh Anthracite is an anthracite coal supplier that currently produces up to 500,000 tons of coal per year.

Delivery in Connecticut starting at 1 pallet of Pellets. We charge between $65 and $85 per ton/pallet based your Connecticut location, and $20 per additional pallet on same delivery. Outside of CT, please call us for delivery price.

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Delivery in Connecticut ONLY starting at 1 Ton of Pellets.

Depending on your location in Connecticut, we charge between $65 and $85 to deliver the first ton and $20 per additional ton on same delivery. Outside of CT, please call us for delivery price.